You Are a Business

The modern world gives every individual the opportunity to use his or her time, talent, and effort to create a business. Whatever your interests, the Internet gives you access to a market of like-minded people who appreciate your work. While many are satisfied sharing their work as a hobby, others have decided to “go pro” and make a business out of what they love to do. As Steven Pressfield explains in his must-read book The War of Art, going pro means getting a lawyer and accountant to assist you so you can focus on the things you do well. The purpose of Barlow Law is to fill this role for influencers and creators.

Every day, you work hard to provide great content. You create, entertain, advertise, hustle, put everything you have into your work. We can help you deal with legal obstacles that interrupt your work. We can help you go from a hobbyist to a businessperson. 

Barlow Law took all the legal aspects of my business that were way over my head and simplified them. I was not only advised on the best way to handle my taxes, business entity, legal contracts, and licensing agreements, but Barlow Law took care of all the paperwork and red tape so that I could sleep soundly at night. It was 100% worth every penny to have a legal professional look over my business and make sure everything was in tip-top shape. Thanks to Barlow Law, I can now focus my time and energy on what I love most: taking photographs.
— Jordan Zobrist, Jordan Zobrist Photography

Services For INfluencers & Creators

  • Business Formation & Starting Up
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance
  • Basic Tax Planning
  • Employment Agreements
  • Photography Contracts 
  • Model Contracts
  • Copyright & Trademark
  • Brand Protection
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Disputes
  • Commercial Contracts


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