Garrett Barlow is a California attorney based in Pasadena.

Prior to opening Barlow Law, Garrett worked as a consultant at one of the top accounting firms in the world. While there, he assisted major corporations, partnerships, private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, trusts, individuals and one international sports brand with various tax matters. Later, he worked for a boutique estate and tax planning firm in Pasadena where he advised individuals and business owners on various issues related to their wealth. 

While working full time, Garrett also helped his wife, Leanne, build a successful digital business as an influencer on social media. Leanne’s business started as hobby. With Leanne’s creativity and Garrett’s knowledge and experience in accounting, business, and law, the two of them turned a hobby into a thriving business. 

Garrett’s purpose is to use his knowledge and experience to help individuals. Whether you need help with your business or estate planning, Garrett is focused on your success. 


BYU Law Evening Fall.jpg

Garrett earned a Bachelor of Science degree from BYU’s prestigious School of Accountancy. After scoring in the 95th percentile on the Law School Admissions Test, he attended BYU Law School, where he was taught and mentored by some of the best legal minds in the country. During law school, Garrett was a Senior Editor on the Law Review. He also served as President of the school’s chapter of the Federalist Society, where he worked closely with classmates and professors of various political persuasions to provide students with insightful debates on timely topics. 

Outside of the classroom, Garrett was educated in business and work ethic by his parents and siblings. Whether helping with the family paper route as a kid or working for the family business as a teenager, Garrett learned the importance of working hard, having a positive attitude, and serving others.